Poovukkul (Dedicated To My Pribzju)

Poovukkul (Dedicated To My Pribzju)

Movie: Jeans

Track: Poovukkul

Music Director: A.R. Rahman

Remix Genre: Acoustic Guitar / Romantic / Love

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Another remix for my one and only love 🙂 – It`s been 7 long years since I first met her and she always told me Poovukkul is her favourite song (besides the fact that Jeans still her number 1 favourite movie). I wanted to do something different, pretty much change the song entirely! Give it a new sound, flavour, rhythm – and that`s what this remix is! It is to show that even after 7 years – my passion to make something different for her each time still exists … as if I am still trying to impress her to get her 😉

If you love the original song, I guarantee you will you love this remix for sure! Enjoy!

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