Love is Forever

Love is Forever

Movie: Angaadi Theru / Yogi

Tracks: Unn Per Sollum / Yogi Violen Theme

Music Director: G.V. Prakash / Yuvan Shankar Raja

Remix Genre: Romantic / R&B n Soul

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Many of you wonder how I come across my ways to make remixes such as this one and to be honest the statement: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” – is very true in my case. I am very inspired by my love and I am able to express it through my music. I dedicate this song to my Pribzju (nickname) for our anniversary on Nov 28, 2009. “I would like to thank you Pribzju for everything you have done for me and hope you like this remix dedicated to you 🙂

This remix came to be when I realized both of us really liked the song, Unn Peru Sollum and it would make a beautiful gift to her if I added my “icekee touch” to it. I felt the rhythm match with Yuvan’s Yogi Violen Theme and added an eletric stir to hype up the remix. The drum and bass beat drop was produced by me to add an original feel to the remix.

If you love the original song, I guarantee you will you love this remix for sure! Enjoy!

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