Come On Girls (La La La Remix)

Come On Girls (La La La Remix)

Movie: 3 (Moonu)

Tracks: Come On Girls

Music Director: Anirudh R

Remix Genre: Hip Hop / Chillin / Clubby / Drunk Crunk

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I’ve been missing for a long time … yes a long time, but here I am releasing a track at the end of 2011.

Everyone knows the craze for Why This Kolaveri and the impact it created world wide – well this is another awesome song from the same movie 3 (Moonu). The Come On Girls track is very chill and “gangsta” like. Since Anirudh did a great job dropping a reggae-like tune, I thought I would add my flavour and add some Hip Hop to make it something I call a Drunk Crunk Remix.

Official Single Of 2011 – Enjoy 🙂

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