About the DJ

…it all started in the spring of 2005, while helping some friends produce a “Tamil Remix CD” for a school International Night, from labels, to covers, and even a track or two on the CD, at the time he went along a few names, the first one was Dj.Rage.

It was never easy, there was a lot of dedication and hard work, for every remix he made, he put in, not a 100 percent but 200 percent…to make it fresh and hip for the new generation of music lovers of today. Let’s not forget, this is not the 90s, the audience are really keen and know the difference from just a remix to a remix which touches a persons soul.

dJ icykle (pronounced ICYCLE) it was a name he had been using for some time now, originally Icykle Dragon, also creating I.D.Entertainment. His career in the media industry has gained him a lot of respect throughout his years, from video editing, editing music, audio/video sampling…etc. Building a foundation below him every step of the way…

There are a lot of Dee-jay’s who claim to be the best, it was never about that, it was about making music for the people he loved, for them to experience a taste of his mind and soul through himself to you. This is a growing industry around the world, and hopefully people do get recognized for there efforts and commitment for what they believe in.

Life is just too short to hate, let us appreciate everything that God(s) have given to us, be one with ourselves, nature, and faith.


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