3 the R3MiX

3 the R3MiX

Movie: 3 (Moonu)

Album: 3 the R3MiX

Music Director: Anirudh R

Remix Genre: Hip Hop / Chillin / Clubby / Drunk Crunk / Dubstep / Blues / Symphony

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Hey guys so finally…here it is 🙂 3 (Moonu) the R3MiX!

This album is a full 3 featured album co-remixed with Dj Hecktic. Yes! There was a huge delay in the release, but that’s like always…you must wait for good things. So stop reading this and start listening to the album.

The album is dedicated to my one and only Pribzieee (well atleast my portion) :). “Always & Forever”

Official Album Of 2012 – Enjoy

Album Art

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